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This thesis studies on significant steps in the direction of the belief of scalable quantum networks. It addresses the experimental implementation of a deterministic interplay mechanism among flying optical photons and a unmarried trapped atom. specifically, it demonstrates the nondestructive detection of an optical photon. To this finish, unmarried rubidium atoms are trapped in a 3-dimensional optical lattice on the middle of an optical hollow space within the powerful coupling regime. complete keep watch over over the atomic country — its place, its movement, and its digital country — is accomplished with laser beams utilized alongside the resonator and from the facet. while faint laser pulses are mirrored from the resonator, the mixed atom-photon country acquires a state-dependent section shift. In a primary sequence of experiments, this is often hired to nondestructively realize optical photons through measuring the atomic country after the mirrored image strategy. Then, quantum bits are encoded within the polarization of the laser pulse and within the Zeeman country of the atom. The state-dependent part shift mediates a deterministic common quantum gate among the atom and one or successively mirrored photons, that is used to generate entangled atom-photon, atom-photon-photon, and photon-photon states out of separable enter states.

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Therefore, the polarization of the trap light is linearized with a measured extinction ratio of 106 : 1. Nevertheless, the polarization of the trap might acquire circular components in the optical setup behind the polarizer. This effect is expected to be most severe along the cavity axis, as we realized during the characterization measurements of the quantum-memory experiment [18] that the cavity exhibits two orthogonal, linearly polarized eigenmodes, which are not fully degenerate in frequency but differ by about 400 kHz [19].

A possible explanation is that the experimental setup is built on an optical table that consists of magnetizable steel. For operating the magneto-optical trap, a considerable magnetic quadrupole field is applied using a pair of horizontally oriented coils in anti-Helmholtz configuration. This might lead to shot-to-shot fluctuations of the magnetic field which are most prominent in the vertical direction. Apart from magnetic fields, however, also circular components of the optical lattice light can lead to differential shifts of the atomic Zeeman levels via the AC Stark effect [16, 17] when the laser intensity fluctuates or the atom moves in the optical potential.

1). Nevertheless, the optical pumping scheme described above might be required in future experiments with several atoms in the same cavity mode: In this case, optical pumping along the cavity axis is expected to be hampered, as the pumping laser intensity in the cavity is strongly suppressed once one of the atoms is in the strongly coupled final state. (a) (b) Transfer probability (%) Transfer probability (arb. ) 1 0 -1 0 Detuning (MHz) 1 2 1 0 -1 0 1 Magnetic field (arb. ) Fig. 5 a Optical pumping using the Raman lasers and an additional repumper.

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