Susan M. Shaw , A. Veal Chris Rojek 's A Handbook of Leisure Studies PDF

By Susan M. Shaw , A. Veal Chris Rojek

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A exact, overseas source for rest reports: in a single quantity the heritage, association and primary debates within the box of relaxation experiences are outlined, delivering a one-stop-shop for college students and an schedule for destiny debate and learn academics.

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The defeat of Germany reinvigorated the preoccupation with kultur and its foundational significance in national identity. Spengler (1926), drawing on the philosophy of Nietzsche, condemned Western civilization for generating alienation, brutalization and superficiality. Although the book was misunderstood by Nazi ideologues, as was the philosophy of Nietzsche, both figured in the Nazi appropriation of the concept of kultur and the rise of the Third Reich. Leisure, Culture and Civilization 35 Civilization and cultural convergence I have spent some time on Elias’s comparison between the concepts of zivilization and kultur because I want to convey the latent and manifest tensions embedded in the two concepts.

Given the military, economic and science development gap between the West and other civilizations, Huntington predicts major instability around ‘the West versus the Rest’ fault-line. His thesis is that the clash between civilizations will replace the ideology of the Cold War producing a new front of potential crisis and bloodshed. The Manichaean elements in Huntington’s thesis have been widely challenged (Rashid, 1997; Camilleri and Muzaffar, 1998; Pieterse, 2004). In particular, the geophysical motif of fault-lines is regarded to be inappropriate since it exaggerates the incommensurate character of contrasting beliefs and values between civilizations.

Disembedding is a product of modernity and refers to the tendency for individuals to be plucked from their family of origins and places of birth by the labour process. 9. Of course, Harris also recognizes that the internet produces new opportunities for manipulation and exploitation. However, his discussion cogently demonstrates the structural shift in leisure practice and form that the new technology offers. 20 A Handbook of Leisure Studies Bibliography Alterman, E. and Green, M. (2004) The Book on Bush, New York, Penguin.

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