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By A. Rendle Short and C. I. Ham (Auth.)

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5. Long latent period. 6. Cannot be tetanized. 7. , a weak stimulus either causes a full contraction, or none at all ; whereas with striped muscle contraction increases with strength of stimulus. ) 8. Tone probably absent. Over-distention prevented by the pericardium, and by the following laws of the heart. — a. —Rise of blood-pressure in aorta slows rate of heart-beat (this does not hold in muscular exercise). b. —Power of contraction varies with the stretch of the fibres during diastole. c. —Rate of heart-beat varies with stretch of fibres of right auricle—distention increases pulse-rate reflexly.

Three views :— i. Increased amount of C02 in blood, due to interruption of piacental circulation. Evidence : Respiration has been shown to occur in utero, on interruption of piacental circulation. 2. Stimulation of skin. Evidence : On stimulation of skin in utero with piacental circulation intact, respiration has occurred. 3. Combination of the two factors. —Signifies the phenomena occurring when there is a lack of oxygen in the blood, probably partly due to increased C0 2 . Three stages seen :— 1.

Apnœa is much more difficult to produce after section of vagi. 3. —Due to stimulation of sensory surface. When duck plunges into water, respiration stops, and remains arrested while it is under water. —Consists of groups of about 10 to 30 respirations, separated by apnœic periods of about 30 seconds. After each pause, respiratory movements are at first small, increase to maximum, and then diminish to next pause. Seen in cases of intracranial 56 THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Apncea—Cheyne-Stokes Respiration, continued, pressure, or when respiratory centre is oxygen-starved, or in sleeping children.

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