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By Larry M. Hyman

With the reissue of this treatise, an instrumental step within the improvement of either moraic phonology and prosodic morphology turns into on hand back. This crucial textual content offers a finished remedy of syllable weight in phonology and of its outcomes for weight-related phenomena, providing that the elemental tier involves weight devices comparable to the morals of conventional synchronic and diachronic phonology. Turning to the bizarre Gokana language of Nigeria, which can lack syllables fullyyt, Hyman argues that the proposed moraic representations can even be utilized to many it sounds as if syllable-based phenomena without syllables.

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Let f be a choice function on the set of all non-empty subsets of x and define f(B) = u where u 4 x. We define a function G as follows: For all ordinal numbers a, G ( a ) = f(x G"a). ) - is 1-1 on g ( G ) f l x. If a < 8 , then G ( a ) # G ( B ) since G ( B ) = f(x (1) G-l G(B) E x, and G(a) E G"8. - and G"f3) G(a), f x - G"B (2) There is an ordinal number a such that G " a = x. For there must be some ordinal number 8 such that G ( B ) 4 x. If this were not so, by (1) G would be a 1-1 mapping of On into x, which contradicts x being a set.

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