New PDF release: A Woman’s Place is in the Boardroom: The Roadmap

By Peninah Thomson; Jacey Graham; Tom Lloyd

ISBN-10: 0230583954

ISBN-13: 9780230583955

ISBN-10: 1349358894

ISBN-13: 9781349358892

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She developed some anti-patronizing strategies and the FD had to back off. But she’d learned an important lesson; that she got out of her depth too quickly on finance. 4HE 7RITTEN 2ULES OF %NGAGEMENT The language of boards is legal and financial. In recent years, moral and social issues have attracted more attention at board level, but an understanding of company law and finance is still essential for a board candidate. Contrary to the popular view, sometimes encouraged by the finance function, finance isn’t rocket science.

Some other woman got the job,” she reflected ruefully. “It would have been great for me. I would have stayed there a year and then $ECIDING TO %NGAGE got another promotion. He saw the dinner as an opportunity to get to know me. He could have handled it differently, but by not expressing interest, I effectively withdrew. A man would have known. Women don’t go looking. I believed that, if someone wanted to hire me, he or she would approach me directly. ” But it is not enough to be alert. If hierarchy climbing doesn’t come naturally to you, you must also be consciously decisive.

It places new duties on   ! 7OMANS 0LACE IS IN THE "OARDOOM 4HE 2OADMAP all directors including the promotion of the company’s success, the exercise of independent judgment and avoiding conflicts of interest. The law relating to directors does not distinguish between executive and non-executive directors (NEDs). NEDs are rarely involved in the day-to-day running of the business, but they are equally responsible for the board’s actions. If found to have acted unlawfully, NEDs can be disqualified for up to 15 years from holding directorships in the same way as executive directors.

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