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By Alessandro Plebani, Vassilios Lougaris

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This booklet presents an up to date review of agammaglobulinemia, an extraordinary type of fundamental immunodeficiency that's thought of the prototype of the congenital humoral defects, and that is characterised through the absence of peripheral B cells and extremely low serum immunoglobulin degrees. The booklet opens through discussing the hugely orchestrated early B mobile improvement within the bone marrow and the genes concerned according to either human and animal types. The pathogenesis and medical presentation of X-linked agammaglobulinemia, because of mutations within the BTK (Bruton’s tyrosine kinase) gene, are then offered intimately, by way of descriptions of the scientific manifestations and molecular foundation of the fewer widespread autosomal recessive and autosomal dominant sorts of agammaglobulinemia. sufferers’ administration by way of breathing issues, gammaglobulin alternative remedy and the capability price of novel experimental healing concepts are mentioned. The book’s ultimate chapters supply a complete and up to date description of mutations within the BTK gene, and the expression and serve as of BTK in cells except B cells.

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V. Villanacci, Institute of Pathology, Spedali Civili, Brescia, Italy) Fig. 3 Skin manifestations during Helicobacter-like organism infection in an XLA patient. Erythemato-squamous lesions of the lower right art during a systemic infection sustained by Helicobacter-like species 24 A. Plebani and V. Lougaris infections in XLA has been associated to high-dose treatment (and not the usual dosage applied in replacement treatment), although the limited number of patients reported does not allow definitive conclusions.

Clinical data on the other two patients affected with Igα deficiency are not available. 2 Agammaglobulinemias: Basic Pathogenesis and Clinical Spectrum 29 Three patients affected with Igβ deficiency have been reported so far. The patient carrying the hypomorphic mutation had a history of recurrent lower respiratory infections starting from 5 months of age, while diagnosis was made at the age of 15 months [56]. Immunoglobulin replacement treatment ameliorated the patient’s clinical condition. The patient with the first nonsense mutation reported in Igβ was admitted at the age of 8 months for pneumonia and salmonella enteritis [57].

Considering the rarity of autosomal recessive and even more autosomal dominant forms of agammaglobulinemia, the majority of available data in the literature is based on XLA. In fact, long-term follow-up studies in patients affected with XLA have demonstrated that they tend to develop lung complications (chronic lung disease, CLD), even if Ig replacement treatment is performed regularly. This may depend on different factors: delayed diagnosis, previous intramuscular route of administration (reduced IgG availability and therefore lower trough levels), secreted antibodies cannot be substituted (Ig preparations contain only IgG), and Ig preparations contain pools of poly-specific IgGs, nonselected on antigen specificity.

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