Algebroid Curves in Positive Characteristics by A. Campillo PDF

By A. Campillo

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The and i ~< N Assume embedded irreducible let , by the XI=0 the is transversal to C , curve. it is e a s y to s e e that direction of the tangent a. (t)/ J J quadratic A=k(FLX 1 . . . 5. 4. Moreover, transformation XN] ) m k((X~ .... X~4]] ~ - - ~ B I (A),O' M ! ( I ) verifies schemes T as -I (EL) = Pl Xl ~ > X1 Xj 1 ) X'j X I + a j X 1 ' and so it i n d u c e s t a commutative , j >~ 2 , diagram follows i Spec(E] (2) I) I ) Spec(k((X, I ..... X,N))) °I Spec(E]) 1T" i Spec(k((X I ..... l it is r.

T s } 1 all of Tst(C) C, general) irredundant curves A(C) in of an transversal T(j). divisor C is r. O'(j) we such q (:: k [ [ X 1. 2. of curves a point transform will in where algebroid [-~""1 L e t the they ideas an = 1 (see assume transforms transform is transform quadratic (reducible components transformation the certain irreducible to total I I 1,3. I . , but embedded XN))/q) irreducible determines the E I , . . , X'N) }) g i v e n ' The of } E] 1 . e. ~ it is a " r e d u c i b l e I considered in t h i s w o r k ~ b y r e a s o n s q = 1.

They = h. leading exists basis the and a basis is form of t h e normalized of f maximal because is of ideal 29 x is transversal, ~(Ao(Y)) we = h = r Set f~(x') = y Since y hence, the have not x/y. o have A~(y) 0 (see f is in a unit = f(x'y,y) and [] it Y k((y)) in Therefore, h. +A~(y) o f~(x')=0. ). (y)/ j j follows Collecting h y h-j where C: k ( ( y ) ) . +A where 1~ ( y ) ) the belongs to O . hen is x' a unit in as [] Y Corol we desired. - If x is transversal, I~x : S p e c ( F l x the "~ ) map T × is x X bijective.

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