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By Jean-Pierre Demailly

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This quantity is a selection of lectures given by means of the writer on the Park urban arithmetic Institute (Utah) in 2008, and on different events. the aim of this quantity is to explain analytic suggestions precious within the examine of questions bearing on linear sequence, multiplier beliefs, and vanishing theorems for algebraic vector bundles. the writer goals to be concise in his exposition, assuming that the reader is already a bit familiar with the fundamental thoughts of sheaf concept, homological algebra, and intricate differential geometry. within the ultimate chapters, a few very contemporary questions and open difficulties are addressed--such as effects concerning the finiteness of the canonical ring and the abundance conjecture, and effects describing the geometric constitution of Kahler kinds and their confident cones.

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But LA KA, hence A=A. Finally, we have A=B . Thus the triangle MAB is isosceles. Consequently, there is a circle with center M and radius MA which is tangent to the circles C1 , C2 at the points A and B . We follow the same method with the center of homothety O , which lies between the points K and L. 1 Let ABC be a triangle and P be a point on the plane of the triangle. From the midpoint M1 of BC we draw the line parallel to PA. From the midpoint M2 of CA we draw the parallel to PB, and from the midpoint M3 of AB we draw the line parallel to PC.

4) Fig. 11 Rotation (Sect. 4) defines an orientation (automatically the opposite orientation can be defined), and in this way we have the sense of a directed angle (see Fig. 10). In particular, consider the plane of the angle xOy and a plane parallel to it on which the arrows of a clock lie. We consider the planar motion of Ox starting at Ox and ending at Oy. If this motion is opposite to the motion of the arrows of the clock, then the angle is considered to be positively oriented. In the opposite case, the angle is considered to be negatively oriented.

We consider the reflections of the point O over the sides BC, CA, and AB, respectively. We denote these points by O1 , O2 , and O3 , respectively (see Fig. 42). 7 The Idea Behind the Construction of a Geometric Problem 53 Fig. 42 The basic question (Sect. 92) OC1 = C1 O3 and OC1 A = O3 C1 A. 95) OC1 O3 C1 = . 96) and 3. We now take advantage of the equality of the angles (see Eqs. 93)) and consider the segments AO1 , BO2 , and CO3 which intersect the sides BC, AC, and AB at the points A2 , B2 , and C2 , respectively (see Fig.

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